Vestax 05 Pro – Series IV

Checked this out over at .  It’s Vextax Corp.’s new update of their well-known ‘turntablist’ mixer – Vestax 05 Pro.  From the looks of it, it has added new effects and outputs that DJ’s would appreciate whether they spin vinyl or SSL/Traktor Scratch.  This mixer has all the possibilities of what its former predecessors didn’t have – better design on the knobs, input switches more visible and the possibility of better curvatures on their line and cross faders.  Hopefully the new mixer will have a smooth cut-off, not like their 05 Pro – Series II lacked.  No knowledge yet on how much this mixer will cost, but I doubt it will be in the same price range as Pioneer’s 909 mixer.


2 responses to “Vestax 05 Pro – Series IV

  1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

    • Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! As to your question, do you mean the overall blog or the Vestax mixer?

      If you’re asking about the blog, the main focus will mostly be thoughts on politics, TV shows, music, gear and certain nostalgic throwbacks. In the future I’m hoping to post articles on interviews with some people in “hip hop” and post mixes from people I know. Sorry this response is late, but thanks for reading!

      As for the Vestax mixer, anything is possible. Their updated III Series was actually a good mixer. Not the best with the effects, but it made it easier for a korg kaos or a pioneer sound effects board to be plugged in.

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