Conan’s Last Hoo-Rah!

Just watched Conan O’Brien’s final appearance as host on ‘The Tonight Show’ and what else can I say but well done.  I still find it hard to believe that a man talented like him has been booted out of NBC and has been replaced by Leno.  If you’ve ever watched one of his sketches from his ‘Tonight Show’ or even his ‘Late Night Show’ – i.e. Masturbating Bear, Frankenstein doing something stupid and what not – you can understand that he brought life and creativity to both shows.  It always felt new and vibrant.   As for Leno, watching him is like watching people working at a Ford assembly line.  It’s formulaic, not interesting and there is nothing new to change how a car can be made.  But Conan brought the fire, intensity and everything a writer, comedian and a film student could ever imagine if they got their chance to be on TV.

If there were better words that could express how I feel, it would be summed up in one of Yahoo’s blog post by Matt Ufford.

One love Conan.


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