I remember seeing this instrument used by Grand Wizard Theodore back in 2008 and I still don’t know what to think about this instrument.

For one thing, it’s supposed to be a portable turntable/mixer combo that has built in speakers.  Not like QBert’s QFO, this instrument can be taken anywhere you want to go without hooking it up to a speaker system – headphones, plugged in traveling speakers or straight into your stereo at home or your friends house.

The second thing, this thing is pretty huge and looks heavy.  Yes, it is made out of a drum base/congo drum, but I don’t know if scratch DJ’s are willing to lug this thing around.  It comes with a harness so if you do decide to play it on the go, you can strap it to your body, walk down the street and scratch your ass off.  Yeah it will look funny to people looking at you down the street, but depending on where you live, you might get jacked!

However, there are some pretty dope features that make this instrument interesting to ‘turntablist.’  It has a built-in Vestax PMC 06 mixer.  It has a built-in Numark turntable with a special anti-shock tone arm.  It has built in speakers that the QFO lacked.  It has a specially designed rotating crossfader and its exterior can come in custom colors and designs.  For it’s price range – $1990 CAN – it is a reasonable price for the instrument – it also comes with a harness, cartridge, battery pack and a t-shirt.

The cons about the instrument for me are as followed – the weight and size of the instrument, the positioning of the mixer and turntable to scratch might be a lot to get used to, you have to wear a harness in order to take it with you to scratch on the go (this might mess up your back) and the special tone arm only works well with “anti-skip” records (according to the website).

For more info check out their website:


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