No Grammy Mention for Roc Raida

(photo taken from

Just watched the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards and noticed that they didn’t mention DJ Roc Raida as one of the musicians that have passed away recently in 2009.  I appreciated the honorable mention for Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM – former DJ of Crazy Town and TRVSDJAM with drummer Travis Barker – but DJ Roc Raida also made contributions to mainstream music with his group The X-Ecutioners and their debut album Built From Scratch – with their radio airplay track \”It\’s Going Down\” feat. Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park.

Since the media did play a role of exploiting DJ AM as a celebrity DJ (his former relationship with Nicole Richie that sorta made him a household name), I feel that DJ Roc Raida deserves an honorable mention at the award show as well.  But I did appreciate the honorable mention of both DJ AM and Roc Raida’s passing at VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors for DEF JAM.

RIP DJ AM and ROC RAIDA for your contributions in Hip Hop music.


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