Mixwell USA, The Return of DJ Apparel

(image taken from chemicaluk.com)

I remember several years ago, when turntablism was such a giant phenomenon back in the early 2000’s, a DJ clothing line made its way into mainstream America.  That clothing line was none other than Mixwell, USA.  Not only were famous DJ’s reppin’ that gear – from the likes of DJ QBERT, Roc Raida, A-Trak, and Craze – but it was featured on numerous episodes on CBS’ King of Queens.  You saw character Doug wear that shirt several times on that show.  To have an underground DJ clothing line make it on a TV sitcom was huge not just for me, but for others who bought their clothing line as well.   It wasn’t until around the mid-2000’s is when Mixwell, USA was never heard from again.  Their clothing line was no longer sold online and you couldn’t find them at your local record store either.  That is, until now.  I recently visited their myspace page and stumbled upon a new link featured on their page.  It seems that Mixwell is about to make a come back in April.  But will no longer be called Miwell, USA.  Instead it will be called Mixwell Worldwide.

Check out their website periodically for updates on when the new clothing line drops.



One response to “Mixwell USA, The Return of DJ Apparel

  1. Hell ya! Ive been looking for Mixwell lothing for my babe, hes a DJ too and has always been a mixwell fan, he was sad when we no longer were able to find anything, so im glad i found this for him, its gonna make an awesome birthday gift! Itll bring back his DJ days!

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