Quickswitch – Work In Progress MIDI Controller

Was checking out skratchworx.com and saw this video for a new MIDI Controller called the Quickswitch.  This is an added on device to your current turntable set up so consumers can avoid buying those Vestax Controller One turntables that cost a grip of money.  And if you do have a Controller One turntable, Quickswitch has an add-on for your turntable to access samples, effects and what not next to your mixer (peep the video).  It kinda reminds me of Native Instruments Kontrol X1 controller for the Controller One turntable.  Anyways, I wanna see where this is gonna go.  Check out Quickswitch’s website about their current project.



http://www.djdeals.com/vestaxCONTROLLERONE.htm (info on Controller One)


One response to “Quickswitch – Work In Progress MIDI Controller

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