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Between Friends

flying-lotus-between-friends-608x608(image taken from Adult Swim Singles website)

Adult Swim dropped twelve free downloadable tracks on their website this past summer featuring independent artists and one familiar face – Flying Lotus with Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy.  Check out the drop and click on the link below for your free download:

DJ J. Rocc on Crate Diggers

Check out this video from Fuse‘s youtube channel, called “Crate Diggers,” featuring  DJ J. Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies.  Dude got mad vinyl.  Dope ish right here.

Art In The Street – M.O.C.A

(photo taken by me)

(image of ‘risk’ taken by me)

Going down in Downtown Los Angeles – LIttle Tokyo area – the Museum of Contemporary Art will be exhibiting well-known graffiti art work from the 1970’s to the present from notorious cities of New York City to Los Angeles.  Be sure to check it out from now, until the 8th of August.  LA is the first to feature such an exhibit (YES!  We beat out NYC first!).

More info:

DMC DJ Online Battle Round 10

Guess who decided to submit a Round 10 submission to DMC DJ Online?  It’s the Bay Area’s 89 Skratch Gangstaz DJ Snayk Eyez.  This guy was big in the battle scene in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  A remarkable turntablist with 2 tracks featured on Return of the DJ volumes 4 and 5 and has a short cameo in the documentary Scratch, by Doug Pray.  Let’s see if he can win this round.

More info on Snayk Eyes:

Also, I didn’t know Homer Simpson submitted a video to battle for Round 10 as well?:

This is DJ Fong Fong.  Found out about this dude by checking out his numerous tablist videos on youtube.  You can check him out here:

Disney Summer Fun Pass

(photo taken by me)

As usual, Disneyland Resort is offering SoCal residents a 3 day Summer Fun Pass from now until September 5, 2011 for $139 – one park per day.  The pass must be used before, or on, September 5 in order to use the last 2 days within 45 days.  For $15 more, you can turn your park per day ticket into a hopper pass to get your monies worth to check out the Little Mermaid ride at Disney’s California Adventure, – if you’re  like me and would only like to waste your 1 park per day ticket at Disneyland only.  Check out the video below:

For more info on the Summer Fun Pass, click on the links below:



“Trust me, I’m the Doctor.”  – Doctor Who (Matt Smith)

Check out this dope video remix of Doctor Who, Series 6, by Mike Relm.  Don’t forget to watch the series premiere this Saturday, Easter weekend, on BBC America – check your local cable channel listings.  Here are the original Spring trailers at the bottom as well:

For more info on Doctor Who and Mike Relm, click on the following links below:

Happy Halloween!

(photo taken by me)

Happy Halloween everyone!  Make it count this year (if you celebrate Halloween)!