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My Absence and Come Back

Well, if anyone still subscribes to this blog and was wondering where I have been, the obvious is I have been absent.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget that you have a blog, but that does not mean I have given up on this site.  Not yet.  Expect me back in the next few days and I will come back and give you updates on the same old things that I have always presented on this website – things that have to do with pop/geek culture, music, movies and the events.  Here is to my return.  If you are from the States, hoped you all had a great 4th of July weekend.  I know I did. 

Under The Stares

dfdcover_1024x1024(image taken from Dumbfoundead’s website)

This past fall, Dumbfoundead released his sophomore album, “Under The Stares.”  A more laid back album than his last one, this album shows the growth and maturity of Dumbfoundead’s style.  His range on beats have evolved as well.  Some tracks get into the dirty grimy beats you hear on the radio, “SCRAM,” to some electro sounding beats, “10 Ronds” and “It’s Not You.”  But overall, Dumbfoundead is known for the smoothness of his rhymes, as heard on the track “Growing Young” (shown below).

If you haven’t cop the album yet, pick it up on his website and the other following link listed below:

Take The Stares Amazon Link


Low Leaf

Just heard about Low Leaf viewing KnockSteady‘s youtube channel.  Take a listen to her album and support:

For more info, click on the following links below:

Return of The Invisibl Skratch Piklz – Fader Fest 2011

(taken from

Going down this Saturday in San Francisco, CA.  An event to remember with three of the four members of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Check it out:

Click on the link for more info:

Disney Summer Fun Pass

(photo taken by me)

As usual, Disneyland Resort is offering SoCal residents a 3 day Summer Fun Pass from now until September 5, 2011 for $139 – one park per day.  The pass must be used before, or on, September 5 in order to use the last 2 days within 45 days.  For $15 more, you can turn your park per day ticket into a hopper pass to get your monies worth to check out the Little Mermaid ride at Disney’s California Adventure, – if you’re  like me and would only like to waste your 1 park per day ticket at Disneyland only.  Check out the video below:

For more info on the Summer Fun Pass, click on the links below:


LA to New York

(photo taken by me)

Hey everyone.  I have to say I have been out for this month because I was out for vacation.  I spent my first time in New York.  Here’s some things I learned when I was over there:

– NYC has bagels and frittatas for breakfast, we have breakfast burritos.

– If you’re ever hungry, you can find hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, roasted peanuts and bagels anywhere.

– A majority of the museums have “suggested” entry prices for everyone (LA has flat rate for all).

– Trains run 24/7.

– Central Park is simply “amazing.”  One of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen.

– Always have cash on you (you can’t always charge everything on your debit/credit card).

Until next time everyone!

When In Rome 01/29/2010

I remember reading the script for this film when I was an intern at a product placement company.  I actually liked the story, even though it is typical and easily predictable.  Out in theatres on January 29, 2010.  If you have to watch one romantic comedy in the beginning of the year, make it this one and NOT Valentines Day.