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Move Over Snuggie, Japan’s Got Their Own Snug’s

Saw this thing on and thought it was ridiculous.  Japan has invented some type of snuggie with no arms, but with legs!!!  That is just genious!!! ha ha!!!  What will they come up with next?

If you rent dvd’s, check this movie out

Even though this film is not being released in theatres, this movie is comprised of actual b-boy/b-girl performers.  No body doubles were used in the making of this movie.  Most of the cast – performance-wise – used non-traditional actors instead of traditional actors.  Of course, for the roles casted for non-performers, they used actors.  But this film looks brilliant and I plan to check it out.  An actual ‘hip hop’ movie made by actual ‘hip hop’ heads, keeping true to its authenticity.

For more info check out their website –

This movie will be released sometime in January.  Be on the look out.

most slept on music video for 2009

how could i have missed this?

throwbacks for the new year

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