D-Styles on Serato

This past spring and summer, Serato and Rane worked together to bring the DJ community the SixtyOne andSixtyTwo mixer(s).  And with the World Famous Beat Junkies representing their products, D-Styles did a little showcase video for them on youtube.


A Quest To The Pharcyde

Like The Pharcyde?  Like A Tribe Called Quest?  If so, check out this mash up from Amerigo Gazawy from Gummy Soul.  What I like about this “mix tape” was the fact that this dude took his time to blend the instrumentals of Tribe’s various works with Pharcyde’s a capella’s from “A Bizarre Ride From The Pharcyde.”

For more info, click on the following link(s) below:




“Don’t Go”

I first heard this song on the sixth series of Skins and thought it was sick.  Rae Morris is a young artist from the UK and is someone that is not to be slept on in the US.  For more of info, check her out on the following links below:




Under The Stares

dfdcover_1024x1024(image taken from Dumbfoundead’s website)

This past fall, Dumbfoundead released his sophomore album, “Under The Stares.”  A more laid back album than his last one, this album shows the growth and maturity of Dumbfoundead’s style.  His range on beats have evolved as well.  Some tracks get into the dirty grimy beats you hear on the radio, “SCRAM,” to some electro sounding beats, “10 Ronds” and “It’s Not You.”  But overall, Dumbfoundead is known for the smoothness of his rhymes, as heard on the track “Growing Young” (shown below).

If you haven’t cop the album yet, pick it up on his website and the other following link listed below:


Take The Stares Amazon Link


For The Record

If you haven’t seen the Beat Junkies documentary, “For The Record” on facebook or vimeo, then you can check it out here.  20 years in the game…

Mixwell Worldwide “Classics”

298848_10151113016282114_1163892632_n(taken from Mixwell’s Facebook page)

If you’re a Mixwell fan like myself, then you should know that they not only have a new website, but they also reintroduced their “classic t-shirts”  for people to buy.  Here’s some “classics for you to check out below:





You can buy them on their website at the following address listed below.  It may take a while to process and ship, but you will receive your shirts.  Yes people, MIXWELL is back.


Until The Quiet Comes

Group(image taken from http://flying-lotus.com)

Since I’ve been gone for a while doesn’t mean I stopped listening to good music.  “Until The Quiet Comes” dropped back in late September and early October and it’s a good album.  It’s a step above “Cosmogramma” and has a mixture of EDM, experimental, new wave jazz and hip hop all rolled into one.  Not a jazz/hip hop fusion of “Cosmogramma,” but still enjoyable.  Here’s some of my favorite tracks:

For more info on Flying Lotus and his album, check out the following links below:


Amazon’s Until The Quiet Comes MP3 Album

Flying Lotus on Facebook