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Under The Stares

dfdcover_1024x1024(image taken from Dumbfoundead’s website)

This past fall, Dumbfoundead released his sophomore album, “Under The Stares.”  A more laid back album than his last one, this album shows the growth and maturity of Dumbfoundead’s style.  His range on beats have evolved as well.  Some tracks get into the dirty grimy beats you hear on the radio, “SCRAM,” to some electro sounding beats, “10 Ronds” and “It’s Not You.”  But overall, Dumbfoundead is known for the smoothness of his rhymes, as heard on the track “Growing Young” (shown below).

If you haven’t cop the album yet, pick it up on his website and the other following link listed below:


Take The Stares Amazon Link


MCA 1964 – 2012

I know this bit of news is not new, but Adam Yauch has passed away recently from cancer and his departure from this world has been felt by the music community.  If you’re as old as me, the Beastie Boys was one of those rap groups that – not to sound cliche – kept it real.  They rapped about what they were about and they didn’t put up an image that was not manufactured by the labels.  MCA brought that laid back party attitude style to the group and he will be missed.

Here are some of my favorite music videos from The Beastie Boys, RIP MCA:


(image taken from knocksteady store)

Hey everyone.  This album just dropped this past Tuesday, but  if you haven’t heard of it already, support and buy DUMBFOUNDEAD‘s new album titled “DFD” on his website, itunes and/or amazon.com.  Some of my favorite tracks are shown below, via youtube video.  Amazing talent from an emcee pushing out music without a corporate music label backing him.  So once again, I encourage you to buy and support.

Fore more info: