ReyRonald is a freelance documentarist and videographer for hire.  He has made promotional video documentaries for non-profits and parks and recreations to help them gain grant money to continue their programs in their lucrative areas.  ReyRonald has also worked in numerous industries as an intern for a video web company and a product placement company.  He has worked as a Production Assistant on the Speed Channel and has worked on numerous independent film/video shoots.

ReyRonald has been working with youth for more than 5 years.  He has helped youth from privileged and at-risk backgrounds to gain knowledge and experience in leadership development, group dynamics and project planning skills.  He has interacted and mentored several youth on how to enter college and gain jobs.  He has also coordinated several ‘hip hop’ workshops for youth in their neighborhoods.

ReyRonald is currently looking for work as a Research Assistant.  Coming from an academic research background, he would like to continue that skill into a career.

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