My Absence and Come Back

Well, if anyone still subscribes to this blog and was wondering where I have been, the obvious is I have been absent.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget that you have a blog, but that does not mean I have given up on this site.  Not yet.  Expect me back in the next few days and I will come back and give you updates on the same old things that I have always presented on this website – things that have to do with pop/geek culture, music, movies and the events.  Here is to my return.  If you are from the States, hoped you all had a great 4th of July weekend.  I know I did. 

Blu & Exile at Low End Theory 03/13/13

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Yes, yes, y’all!  And you don’t stop!  Tonight at 09:30pm, Low End Theory LA brings to you one of the dopest line-ups of independent hip hop music  – Blu & ExileDumbfoundeadDJ Kentaro and Great Dane.  If there’s one way you want to celebrate the end of winter, then it’s got to be at the The Airliner.  Come early because it will be packed!!!

If you don’t know what’s up, here are various links to all the artists performing at Low End Theory below: (Blu) (Exile)


Between Friends

flying-lotus-between-friends-608x608(image taken from Adult Swim Singles website)

Adult Swim dropped twelve free downloadable tracks on their website this past summer featuring independent artists and one familiar face – Flying Lotus with Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy.  Check out the drop and click on the link below for your free download:

Have Yourself A Doctor Who Christmas

Watch out now!  I’m a big Doctor Who fan.  So check out these videos before the episode drops on Christmas Day on BBC America.

DJ Shiftee Pushing The Limits Of The Z2 and Maschine

Here’s a video of DJ Shiftee showing us what you can do with Native Instruments’ Kontrol Z2 and Maschine when paired together.  One word: Ugh!

More info:

Hey Traktor Kontrol Z2

NI_TRAKTOR_KONTROL_Z2_Perspective(image taken from

So this past fall, Native Instruments comes out with their very own controller/mixer called the Kontrol Z2.  I didn’t know what to think, but there were a few reviews and a video from DJ Craze that showed what this mixer could do (video below).

But I “still” wasn’t sold on whether is was worth checking out or not.  So I saw this video from Ean Golden to see what this mixer could do (video below):

As you can see from Ean Golden’s video, this mixer has a simplistic integrated set up for your Traktor Scratch software (if you are a part of the Traktor Scratch family) and it is affordable.  It sort of removes the clutter of having an X1 and Kontrol F1 right off to the side of your turntables.  So this product looks like it’s worth checking out to me.

If you need any more info on this product, check out the following links below:


DJ J. Rocc on Crate Diggers

Check out this video from Fuse‘s youtube channel, called “Crate Diggers,” featuring  DJ J. Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies.  Dude got mad vinyl.  Dope ish right here.

D-Styles on Serato

This past spring and summer, Serato and Rane worked together to bring the DJ community the SixtyOne andSixtyTwo mixer(s).  And with the World Famous Beat Junkies representing their products, D-Styles did a little showcase video for them on youtube.

A Quest To The Pharcyde

Like The Pharcyde?  Like A Tribe Called Quest?  If so, check out this mash up from Amerigo Gazawy from Gummy Soul.  What I like about this “mix tape” was the fact that this dude took his time to blend the instrumentals of Tribe’s various works with Pharcyde’s a capella’s from “A Bizarre Ride From The Pharcyde.”

For more info, click on the following link(s) below:

“Don’t Go”

I first heard this song on the sixth series of Skins and thought it was sick.  Rae Morris is a young artist from the UK and is someone that is not to be slept on in the US.  For more of info, check her out on the following links below: